Don’t get mad, get… Over It!

This past week I had an encounter with someone that ended up not being a pleasant conversation. When it happened, I thought he was out of line, I thought he was in the wrong and I wanted to tell him to stop acting like a baby.

Fortunately, I didn’t and things didn’t turn out that way they would’ve if I did.

Two weeks ago, I saw a quote from old school christian artist Michael W. Smith. He said his two goals in life are:
Not to be offended
Be lead by the Holy Spirit

The second one was easy to agree with. That is my desire. The first, however, I never really thought much of it. I would say I’m pretty good at it without consciously thinking about it. But when I heard him say that it sunk deep. And it came in handy.

The ‘argument’ was about the other person simply being upset at me for expressing my (valid) view on the situation. To say it nice, this person kind of went off on me, bringing up other unrelated things and then telling me to stop carrying on the conversation. I was sternly told ‘DROP IT.’ And I felt I wasn’t even the one carrying it on…

I’ll be honest. During the interaction I was cool, calm and collected. I was thrown off because it really wasn’t a big deal (AT ALL). Right when I was told to drop it, the first thing God laid on my heart was ‘don’t be offended’.

For the next hour or so the situation did run over and over in my mind and I had to keep reminding myself to not be offended and to let it go. And in a short period of time I didn’t get offended. I let it go.

Two things I took away from this:
Do I want to be Right or RightEOUS
Details aren’t needed but I was right. The whole thing wasn’t a big deal and I could’ve expressed how I felt about the conversation and then been offended.
Sometimes you’ll be right…. But that doesn’t mean you need to say anything. Keep your mouth shut and move on. It’s not worth it. Do you want to be right or righteous?

Believe the best in people
You never know what’s going on in someone’s life that they snap or act the way the do.
That person ended up telling me something very personal he found out that day that affected his mood and whole day. He apologized to me. I bet his day would’ve been even worse had I chose to be offended.

Did someone treat you wrong and you didn’t deserve it? Did someone give you the bird in traffic for their crazy driving not yours? Did someone in customer service treat you poorly?

It’s easier said then done, but take the high road. You never know what’s going on in that persons world. Maybe they did take it out on you. Maybe you do feel you have a RIGHT to be angry.
But I would say…
Let it go.
Don’t be offended.
It’s not worth it.


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