I Won’t Need a Shotgun for my Daughter

First off, I just shot a gun for the first time this year. Yes. First time. In my life. I must admit when I did, it was quite an adrenaline rush. I look forward to the next time at the range.

But what I won’t want or need is a gun in my home.
What I especially won’t need is a shotgun.
Apparently, I am suppose to have one because I have a daughter now. People I know, even strangers, when they found out I had a girl they respond something like “Hope you got your shotgun”. The cliche/ phrase has always annoyed me. I finally figured out why.

As few weeks ago I read a post a friend sent me. I will pretty much summarize the persons post, but he essentially said what I’ve always been thinking (and didn’t even know it!).

So the obvious answer to why people say that is because of the boy that will show up at my doorstep for a date or whatever a boy comes to my house for. Instead of measuring up the boy that comes over, I have to look at the man in the mirror in how I raise my daughter.

If I raise my daughter to be strong and respect herself, why would I then assume she would choose a guy that I would be disappointed in. If I raise a God-fearing, self-respected, full of dignity, loyal, kind woman, then she will have the strength and resolve to make the right decisions. Shouldn’t I assume she will attract someone that has the same values and traits?

So instead of worrying about the boy that will show up at the door, I should, worry about myself. I should show her what a husband should look like and show her how she should be treated. I should be the example of the man she hopes to marry one day.
Then… I won’t need a shotgun.


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