Leaving a Church

Recently, my wife and I left the church I had been going to for years. A church I worked at full-time and a church that was paramount into molding and shaping my walk with God today. I would not be the man I am today without that Church’s guidance.

Over the past few months I have run into people and they ask if I still go to that church. I respond no, we go somewhere else. Then immediately I feel I need to justify myself… why? I do not feel guilty about it. In fact I know it was something that God had lined up and it was in the works for a long time. So why do I have an automatic response to justify our decision?

So what I want to say is: Don’t feel bad about leaving your church!
Let me rephrase that: do not feel condemned.

In the modern Church culture today, I feel you taught that there are only X amount of reasons you should leave the church:
– The church is stealing money
– The pastor is not preaching the truth of The Gospel
– Etc, etc, I am sure you have heard them.
I want to know… Where did these ‘rules’ come from? While yes I think those are valid reasons, I feel we have been made to feel guilty if I were to leave a church and that there are only those reasons to do so.

You are told, you can’t leave because:
– You do not feel feed
– You do not feel connected
– The church is too big
Why not? What if you are not being feed? What if the service is a routine and not a welcome place for His presence?

I do want to clarify that I did not leave my church for any of those reasons. In fact, God showed me very clearly that it was time to go. A reason, you ask? Because He told me it was time to go. That was good enough for me.

I just want to highlight that you should not feel guilty about leaving. If it’s on your heart, ask God where you are suppose to be. He may tell you to stay; He may tell you where to go. Remember, you aren’t leaving “The Church” because we are all The Church.

Do you think there are only certain reasons to leave a church? If so, why? And where did you learn that from (biblical or from the church)?



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  1. This is good stuff. I think it’s more important that you are going to church and planted.

    1. cookjw says:

      Thank you! Agreed. Where is God calling you to serve and use your gifts. I just don’t want people to feel guilty if God is leading them elsewhere. Thanks for the reply!

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